NEW RELEASE: Blood Secrets by Gretta Mulrooney

Fifteen years ago a teenage boy, Teddy Bartlett, went to a woods on the outskirts of London and was beaten to a pulp and left damaged for life. The police never found who did it or why he was targeted. 

Now, the boy’s father, recently returned from Australia, wants to find out what really happened to his son. He hires private detective Tyrone Swift to investigate the tragic crime. 

Swift quickly realises that the Bartletts are a family with dark secrets. Teddy’s seemingly devoted sister Sheila, his estranged brother, and his father Rowan, who left his wife for her sister, are not what they seem. 

Swift himself is faced with his own family issues, and someone is out to get him. Could it be a disgruntled client or a criminal he came across in his days as a police inspector? 

BLOOD SECRETS is a beautifully written mystery that will have you gripped from start to finish. 

Perfect for fans of Robert Galbraith, Paula Hawkins, P.D. James, Gillian Flynn, or Ruth Rendell.

This is a story of secrets, abandonment, repressed sexuality, dysfunctional families and brutality, with a hint of hope at the end. 

“OMG this was so good, I can't believe that I just started this today and I finished it in one setting , I just had to know what was going to happing next, if the case of Teddy Bartlett was ever going to be closed and why he was beaten to a pulp and left damaged for life.” Elizabeth Means

“There are twists and turns never expected, and a couple surprise side trips along the way. Lots of interesting characters and settings. A very good book.” Teresa Jilard

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