NEW RELEASE: The Call by Amanda Fleet



Looking for a crime thriller that you won’t want to put down? Discover THE CALL by best-selling author Amanda Fleet.

What if your ex-boyfriend called you desperately asking for life-or-death help?

Summer Morris gets a phone call from her ex-lover Patrick begging for help.But he’s cut off before he can give her all the details.

He’s in deep trouble. She would have been happy to never hear from him again, but can she really refuse to help a man whose life is in danger?

Along with an off-duty policeman, DS Stewart, Summer gets swept into Patrick's world of lies and deceit. She faces a desperate race against time to find him.

Patrick turns out to have many enemies. He’s been working in Malawi and uncovered a scandal. He’s involved with a powerful woman. He’s borrowed money from the wrong people. And that’s just for starters.

Who is behind Patrick’s disappearance and is he even still alive?

Don’t miss out on this intriguing crime thriller that you won’t want to put down till the pulsating end.