dead gone

NEW RELEASE: Dead Gone by T.J. Brearton

NEW! A crime thriller by one of our best-selling authors. DEAD GONE. Introductory offer get it for half price only 99p/ $0.99

A woman’s body is found floating in a sultry Florida mangrove. She has no ID and there is no indication of cause of death.

Who is she? 

Why was she murdered?

Everyone has dark secrets that will be revealed.

Rookie detective Tom Lange couldn’t have got a more difficult first case. The only thing he has to go on is the woman’s butterfly tattoo. His boss, Lauren Blythe, piles the pressure on, and the medical examiner won’t tell him what he needs to know.
Meanwhile Tom’s neighbour Alicia has an abusive boyfriend who Tom clashes with in a way that will have far-reaching consequences.

The body leads Tom on a trail of seedy clubs, narcotics, and danger which is close to home. The book builds up detail by detail, mirroring the painstaking real work of a police murder investigation. In a tumultuous ending, Tom’s world is turned upside down.

You'll be gripped from start to heart-stopping finish in this detailed and authentic detective mystery from T.J. Brearton.

If you like Jeffery Deaver, Linwood Barclay, Lisa Unger, Gillian Flynn, Rachel Abbott, or Mel Sherratt, you will enjoy this compelling book.