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Three suspenseful short stories filled with surprises and standoffs

“If you like Carl Hiaasen, you’ll love this great collection. There are drug runners, thieves, gators, and a city where things have gone badly wrong.” Chris Child 

Short stories with great characters and real tension 
In “The Ant Queen” a man with a very important package breaks down in the Florida swamps. But how he got there is a long story involving ant poison and women’s retail. While in “Gunplay” a Hollywood lawyer has his cynicism pierced by a couple of unusual intruders hunting for something extremely precious. 

T.J. Brearton is the acclaimed author of amazon #1 bestselling detective thriller HABIT: 
“Detective Brendan Healy solves a complex case, facing his own demons, in a brilliant police procedural with a dark conspiracy in the background.” 

His other books include SURVIVORS and HIGHWATER. 

TJ Brearton's Habit Free from May 3 to May 7

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A young woman, Rebecca Heilshorn, lies stabbed to death in her bed in a remote farmhouse. Rookie detective Brendan Healy is called in to investigate. All hell breaks loose when her brother bursts onto the scene. Rebecca turns out to have many secrets and connections to a sordid network mixing power, wealth, and sex. Detective Brendan Healy, trying to put a tragic past behind him, pursues a dangerous investigation that will risk both his life and his sanity. Habit is a compelling thriller which will appeal to all fans of crime fiction. T.J. Brearton amps up the tension at every step, until the shocking and gripping conclusion.

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